Our People

Our People Edu Afrique currently comprises nine volunteers who are passionate about using their skills, experience and time to support Edu Afrique in its mission to improve water, sanitation and hygiene access in Ghana.

Dr Pierre FaouCo-founder and Project Advisor (Australia)

Mrs D. Adwoa AgyapomaaCo-founder and Online Communications Manager (Australia)

Dr Andrea GiordanoCo-founder, and Media & Publications Manager (Barcelona

Mr Joachim DanburProject Coordinator (Ghana) 

Dr Cintia Martinez Co-founder and Communications Advisor (Australia)

Ms Nyasha Dzingai Secretary and Fundraising Advisor (Australia)

Mr Kwame Osei-Amo Treasurer and Project Coordinator, Australia 

Mr Kwabena Oppong BediakoProject Coordinator, Ghana (Ashanti region)

Ms Ramatu SoaleyProject Coordinator, Ghana (South Ghana) 


We gratefully acknowledge the following support Jane Turner - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Najoua Lalaoui - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Bianca Cataldo - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Edward Chew - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Anuratha Sakthianandeswaren Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Shan Li - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Jeff Smith - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Jenny Thompson - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Bhupinder Pal - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Michelle Palmieri - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Diep Chau - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Natasha Silke - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Aleksandra Bankovacki - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Emma Petri - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Gabriela Brumatti - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Crystal Stivala - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Catherine McLean - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Everyone Has A Story - This is Ours


We are EduAfrique a not-for-profit group committed to creating an equitable world in which everyone has access to basic human needs. We contribute to bringing clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programs to communities in Ghana, Africa. We believe access to WASH infrastructure and services is a prerequisite for changing and lifting communities out of a cycle of disease and poverty.     


Thanks to donations from people just like you, we partner with communities in Ghana to provide better access to WASH. In 2013 we conducted a 6-month health promotion program in Asamang, Ghana. Through this work, our eyes were opened to the social and economic consequences of lack of WASH in the realms of education and health.

Following a set of fundraising events in 2016, we were able to partner with a community in the West of Ghana - called Bronikrom - in January 2017 to construct a composting toilet for the community. The population of Bronikrom is around 500 people and we we…

It's a wrap πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

The toilets you helped us build at Bronikrom, in the West of Ghana has recieved the final cosmetic touches! EduAfrique will stay in touch with the community to educate them comprehensively on keeping sanitation-related diseases and deaths at bay.
Thank you, AWESOME PEOPLE, for contributing to thisπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

The project was completed in Bronikrom in the West of Ghana. The community provided the labour and EduAfrique covered the material cost of the building.
The project was managed by Ramatu Soaley, Joachim Danbur, Kwame Osei-Amo and Kwabena Asare Bediako. Due to the community not having had any skilled labourers, a builder from Asamang (a small town in the South of Ghana) was hired to help.

The Joy of Giving

Thank you for giving the gift of dignity. 
Your donation will help bring improved sanitation and hygiene to a community in Ghana. All donations help cover the cost of materials, training materials, labor,  and transportation. All our team are volunteers so 100% of donations go directly to projects. 

We would love you to join us to make it happen this year! (But, if you only give to such programs once a year, and you've already contributed to another program, then please, think of us next time.)

Account name: EduAfrique Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia BSB: 063349 Account No.: 1025 1159 
Please use your name and email in the description so we can thank you in writing.

Fundraising love: Converting dreams into reality.
A big thank you to everybody who attended our fundraising night and contributed to help EduAfrique in its mission. 

Thanks to this event we have been able to built a 6-cubicle composting toilet in a farming community in the West of Ghana. Pictures to come soon!

When life is lost, there are very few words that can describe the sense of tragedy and emptiness that swallows up any memories of joy that once existed.
But, when life is lost, and you realise that there was something that could have been done to prevent it, how do you describe that feeling?